Friday, June 11, 2010

52/4 {desserts/sweets}

i like ice cream. Yes i do!!
Once scoop for me?
No! Make it two!
Hmmmm two scoops of ice cream,
I want more
how about three?
No, make that four?
Splat, "oh no! It's on the floor!"

my kids definitely got their sweet tooth from me. i wish that wasn't the case but it is.  my youngest probably craves the sweet stuff the most. candy was in the top 10 of his first words. he would eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner if i let him.  So for this weeks challenge i thought of what he has been asking for a lot lately and that is ice cream.  He loves it!!! we don't usually have it in the house so i took him and his older sister to get some so i could take some pictures... of course they both wanted nothing to do with my planned ice cream shoot and the ice cream parlor was packed. so we went outside and i just let them be and snapped a few of the youngest.  my daughter ended up dropping hers so the above poem was totally fitting.