Tuesday, February 16, 2010

they sprinkled starlight in your eyes of blue...

ok those are not exactly the way the song goes but i used to sing that to my daughter all the time and this baby has the same bright blue eyes... anyways what a beautiful little 6 month old and she was such a good model.  this might be one of my favorite ages to photograph. they can't run away from you...though she was pretty good at rolling away...

Saturday, February 13, 2010


We finally got some snow around here. seems like it's been snowing everywhere but in my town.  Of course once i started shoveling i wasn't as excited.  after a couple failed attempts i finally got some pictures i was happy with.  note to self...suckers are good bribes.

A Wedding

i have completely ignored my poor blog lately. i'm going to try to blog on a regular basis from now on.  So i think i will start with some pictures from a very small and intimate wedding i attended last weekend.  the ceremony was held at the maid of honors beautiful home. it was a lovely ceremony . Congratulations to the bride and groom!!!