Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hey all!!! i'm back from a 2 week vacation!!! had lots of fun took way too many pictures and got a much needed break from the computer and editing. but now i have a lot to catch up on.

but first i want to let everyone know that i have started a new blog it's still a work in progress but i will be no longer posting on this blog. so you can find me HERE  from now on!!  unfortunately not all the wonderful comments you all left me came over when i transferred the blog. but i want to thank everyone who has given me blog love over the last year and a half. So THANKS!!!

so over the next couple weeks i will be here editing sessions that i'm behind on, catching up on my weekly photo challenge and looking forward to second shooting a wedding with the talented Michele Bowman in the near future!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

email address

i'm currently in the process of switching my blog from blogger.

so my email address is not longer in service.

if you need to contact me please email me at until i can set up another business email account. thank you!!!

oh and Happy Canada Day!! hope everyone is out enjoying the gorgeous weather!!!
and i just couldn't post without a picture...she'll forgive me one day right???