Friday, April 30, 2010

We have a winner!!!

Thank you to all who entered the spring contest!!!

The winner is.....picture #11
2nd place winner is......picture #4

Congratulations to both winners please email me at to book your session!!

and don't forget all entries will recieve 25% off prints and 50% off their session fee...see you are all winners!

what's a post without a picture or two....


  1. Too cute! Love the bokeh in these!

  2. how lucky for the winner and all those who entered! You are a wonderful photographer! Love the master pics. That little guy's face makes me laugh.

  3. What lucky winners!!! And wow here I thought that the hamster was the winner! LOL!! I love those shots...what a mug!!

  4. Lucky for the Winners for you to photograph them!! I sooo wish I lived in your area because I would sooo book you girl!! And OMG!! I love that hamster!

  5. This little creature is just so darn cue.

  6. Fantastic photo!Love our work!